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Sup guys? Well here are some new characters and powers I came up with for my manga Black soul. A lot of theses characters and powers were heavily inspired by the Daredevil and Teenage mutant ninja turtles comics


Staff: Staff is Hikarus mentor and farther figure, he teaches Hikaru to not only use his sprite sense to his highest portenial but also how to be proud to be autistic. Like Hikaru, Staff is also autistic. The reason his name is Staff is because of his handy dandy bow staff that he keeps with him all the time, his real name is unknown

The Face: the Face is a deadly ninja clan who specializes in sprit powers, every member must have a amount of sprite power. Each member of the Face wears Naruto like headbands with smily faces on them, fences the name the face XD. This ninja clan are some of Hikarus most deadliest enemies and they connected to Staff. For some weird reason the Face clan really hates people with autism and other people with learning differences

Seta Johns: Seta is a vigilante and Hikarus rival. He can be a jerk sometimes like making fun of Hikarus autism but he's a nice guy when you get to know him. The reason he's a vigilante is because when he was a little kid, his dad was killed by the color gang the yellow dragons. Seta is great friends with Yuki for they spent most of there childhoods together a lot like Renji and Rukia................ Don't worry Seta only likes Yuki as a friend, a sister figure if you will (I don't want a ship war). That's one of the reasons Seta dosent like Hikaru, he knows he likes Yuki. You see he wants Yuki to be safe and dosent trust Hikaru, brothers are very protective of there sister trust me I'm a big brother myself. But when the two need to work together they make a great team.

The yellow dragons: the yellow dragons are the most feared color gang in Hikarus home town and they are the ones killed Setas dad. They are one of the first foes Hikaru has faced, they aren't aren't that strong but when they got there hands on some soul tech they became very dangerus.


Sprite sense: sprite sense is the power to sense the sprite energy of others around you. Even if your eyes are closed nothing can sneak up on you, both Hikaru and Staff has this power.

Fullbuster: Fullbuster is the power to use the sprite energy of objects, for example if you use a light bulb you can control lighting, to make it simple for ya Fullbuster is alot like Fullbring from Bleach and Seta has this power.................don't worry he dosent have a goofy power ranger suit, the way he uses this power is with all the different sports equtment he uses, you see each sport utensil has a different type of power and Seta has about 5 of them.

Flames of Hades: this power let's it's user to surround there weapon in a dark flame, normal Face clan members has this power
This is to tell ya about some new characters and powers I came up with, Ill try to draw them as fast as I can
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November 21, 2012
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